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We specialise in supplying high quality images of temperate marine wildlife and marine-related subjects from Britain and Ireland as well as tropical marine imagery.

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"A fieldguide to the Marine Fishes of Wales and adjacent waters" by Paul Kay & Frances Dipper is now available at £19.95 + £3.25 P&P. With 256 pages and numerous photographs supported where relevant by drawings, we believe this book to be the most comprehensive photographic guide to Marine Fish currently published in the UK. Published for the Marine Conservation Society with support from the Countryside Council for Wales. Copies can be ordered by contacting us (Paypal accepted) using the 'contact us' link above.

Quotes from purchasers:

"the book ..... arrived safely today. It is absolutely superb. Great photos, layout, id. guides etc. The best fish book I've seen! You should be very proud to have produced a work of such high standard. You will sell loads of these. I'll have to buy some more for presents!"

By clicking on the Link in the navigation bar more information is/will be available about the fishes in this book.

About Marine Wildlife and searching for images:

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All images on this website are copyright protected. Registered users may download preview images for use in draft layouts without incurring a fee. If you are unable to find the images you need on our website, please contact us. We hold many additional images in our archive and may be able to put together a selection of images for you through our picture research facility.

Please click here for details of our full terms and conditions, our pricing policy and other information which will soon be available as .pdf downloads.

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MW000004 - Giant kelp - Macrocystis pyrifera
Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, South Atlantic

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